2 Suspects caught transporting donkey meat to Kiambu

2 Suspects caught transporting donkey meat to Kiambu

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Over 30 freshly slaughtered donkeys were seized in Rwasumali village in Ndeiya and at least 2 suspects have been nabbed while transporting the donkey meat to Burma market in Kiambu on Wednesday evening.

The Kiambu County Commissioner, Mr Joshua Nkanatha, has reported that the suspects were found with fresh donkey meat.

The police impounded two vehicles ferrying the donkey meat that the suspects were driving in Limuru Costituency while transporting the meat to Kiambu County.

The owner of the land where it served as an abattoir for the poor donkeys belongs to a man called Joseph Mwaura Kanori, who has stated that the activity has been ongoing for many years now.

The owner of the land of the illegal butchering of the donkeys has been reporting the activity to the police station in the vicinity for many years but little to no action has been taken.

Mr. Joseph Kanori states that thousands of donkeys have been slaughtered on the land which extends about five hectares, now adorned with donkey carcasses.

Governor George Natembeya of Trans Nzoiya stated that residents in Nairobi and Nakuru unknowingly fund cattle rustling by eating meat from stolen cows.

“You go to Dagoretti slaughter houses and try to look for the horns of those animals slaughtered there. You will not find any because people identify their animals using their horns. The good people of Nairobi eat these animals, you are funding bandits in the Rift Valley,” stated Governor Natembeya, “70% of meat in Nakuru and Nairobi is from stolen cows from North Rift,” he continued.

The idea of butchering and selling not-fit-for-food animals is not that new to the Kenyan people, there has been arising cases around the country of people selling meat from dogs, cats, crows and zebras.

Back in the year 2020, three men from Tharaka-Nithi County were reportedly selling dog meat to unsuspecting consumers.


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