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Sending money nowadays has been a lot easier than back in time when we used to walk around with traditional cellphones with sticking out antennas. With PayPal everything becomes much easier, because you can shop online, subscribe to channels, send cash to friends and family, book a hotel or flights and even withdraw from your PayPal through your electronic card.

So today we are going to look at how you can open a PayPal account in Kenya.

To get you started, you can either type on Google; PayPal Kenya and the page would just redirect you to the right destination. This is very important because if you just type in PayPal and try to look for a Sign Up for a Kenyan account, you might never find it.

Or another simple way is to go directly to your browser and type in: and you will be presented with the PayPal Kenya homepage.

1. From there you can navigate to the top right side of the homepage and click on “Sign Up”

2. From there another screen like this will appear, where you are presented with two options whether to open a “Personal Account” or a “Business Account”, select “Personal Account” and click “Continue”.

3. From there you will be presented with another page like the one below, where you must fill the relevant information: your first name and last name, remember, you should use your real names here, then add your email address and create and confirm your password.

4. From there you will be presented with another page like the one below. Add more details to your account, enter your ID number in the identification field just after “Nationality”. And move on to Address Line 1 (this is a must-fill); here you enter your street address, this is something like Jogoo Rd, River Rd etc. In Address Line 2 (which is optional) you can include your apartment number if you live in one or you can opt to ignore it.

After that, in the “City/Town/Village” field you shall enter the town or city you live in, eg Malindi, Mombasa or Nairobi. In the “State/Province/Region” field you shall enter the county you live in, eg Kilifi, Mombasa or Nairobi.

Then fill your Postal code if you have one, if you don’t have one just type your town or city Postal code.

Then fill in your Date of Birth, Confirm your Phone Number, Confirm PayPal’s User Agreement and Privacy Statement and proceed to click on “Agree and Create Account”

And that’s it! You are in! You will be presented with the following page.

5. You might need to add your electronic card to your PayPal Wallet, just click on. “Not sure? Add card to use later.” and fill in your card’s credentials.

And just before you are out of the site, log in to your associated email account and confirm your email address.

To keep your account more secure, confirm your phone number. And you are done.

And now you are ready to send your cash through email, book flights and hotels, or shop online.

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Silvaro D'Silvas
Silvaro D'Silvas

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