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Watamu is a favourite hotspot for tourism in Kenya and one of the most exotic tropical destinations in the Coastal region and East Africa. The town is located in Kilifi County and bordered by Malindi in the north and Mombasa in the south. The town boasts in diverse cultures and traditions, and not to forget the many natural blessings it has been lucky to have.

Every year people from different parts of the world travel to Watamu to enjoy the warmth of Africa and see it’s magnificent marine and wildlife. And so today we have compiled a few reason as to why you should visit Watamu, at least once in a lifetime.

1. The Sun Is Always Bright

Watamu is paradise on earth. Over half of the year in Watamu the sun is always bright. And the weather is always cool, wearing light clothes in Watamu is a common practice where the weather heats at 26.0 ºC for most of the time, making it favourable for outdoor activities.

2. You Can Use Any European Currency

Being a commercial hub itself and a centre for annual tourists visitation mainly from Europe, the town welcomes a wide variety of currencies. The popular and most used foreign currency in the region is the Euro. However, those who still prefer to use local currency (Ksh or Kenyan Shilling) can opt to exchange their currency at the local banks.

3. Lots Of Beach Sports

When it comes to beach sports Watamu is never the least, it competes with Malindi and Mombasa. These beach sports are the most popular sports in the Coastal region. Many people come from different parts of the world to surf and swim in the tropical waters of Watamu. Here you will enjoy beach volley, jet skiing and kite surfing, by far surfing is the most popular water sport in Watamu. If you prefer jumping from heights, skydiving is always there for you. For most of the times tourists come to enjoy skydiving at the Ocean Sports Resort and Turtle Bay Dive Center, dropping from heights of up to 13, 000 feet. Other sporting activities include beach football and swimming.

4. Lots Of Tourist Attractions

This vacation prime spot hosts a number of natural attractions including marine life and wildlife. The town is also home to endangered sea turtles, other exotic species found here include starfish, whales and dolphins. Tourists can go for boat excursions where they can watch dolphins and whales, sometimes you can be lucky to see the rare Green Sea Turtle. Tourists can also visit Mida Creek an officially recognised Important Bird Area (IBA) where lots of bird species migrating to and from Europe and Asia come to rest. Snorkellers can also enjoy the coastal coral gardens and marine life which fall under Watamu Marine National Park and Reserve.

5. It Is Culturally Diverse

Historically Watamu has been a culturally diverse town, including the entire coastal region, the indigenous people have always welcomed foreigners including Arabs, Indians, Europeans and neighbouring communities. For decades this has never changed and up to this day Watamu boasts for its multicultural heritage. So next time you visit Watamu try to learn a few distinct words, it’s really fun.

6. Amazing Cuisines

Yummy! Do you even know the meaning of Watamu? Well, I’ll tell you today, Watamu means “The sweet”. The coming together of many different cultures has spiced up a new taste of cuisines. Unlike other parts of Kenya, there is no other like Watamu, being a coastal town itself makes its cuisines aromatic, people here can enjoy a wide selection of cuisines from Arabian dishes to Indian dishes, local and European foods, both found even in local hotels. Some of the popular dishes in Watamu include; Biryani, Nyama Choma (Roast meat), Shawarma, Pilau and Mseto (a mixture of rice, beans and multiple spices).

7. Warm White Sandy Beaches

Why come to Watamu without exploring the warm sandy beaches. This is what mostly defines any coastal town, warm sandy beaches, breezing afternoon wind and cool blue waters ready to be bubbled. The best time to visit these beaches are afternoon hours and the best days are Saturdays and Sundays, however, during these days especially Sundays the beaches are always crowded, but you can also visit the beaches on weekdays when they are less crowded and still enjoy your tropical vacation. Some popular beaches in Watamu include; Garoda beach, Watamu beach and Turtle Bay beach.

8. You Enjoy The Warm Night Out

If there is something that the coastal people enjoy the most, is spending warm nights outdoors. Some people may go to the beach at night just to relax for a couple of hours without the need to wear any heavy clothes. Since the temperature here is very high for most of the time it is advisable to wear light clothes.

9. Lots Of Exotic Cottages

Watamu is adorned by luxurious and exotic cottages which range from 3-star to 5-star, both of which offer travellers with maximum satisfaction at a very affordable price. Some of the exotic cottages and hotels in Watamu include; Hemingways Watamu, Rafiki Village and Crystal Bay Resort.

Final Word

Watamu is a great tropical destination that Kenya has to offer to the world, very many and popular people from around the world have been frequenting this town to sun bathe. Buckle up and enjoy your next adventure in Watamu!

What has been your memorable experience in Watamu? Let us know in the comment box.

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