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How To Turn Off Safe Mode On Your Android Smartphone

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Turning Android smartphones into Safe Mode has been one unique trick to find out common problems within our Android devices. Despite being an easy-peasy thing to turn your Android device into Safe Mode, turning it back OFF has been quite a chilling adventure.

However, in the world of Tech nothing goes unanswered, so cast away your worries and invest yourself in this step-by-step how-to guide on how to turn OFF Safe Mode on your Android smartphone.

Deal of the day

1. Restart your Android device

Sometimes our smartphones tend to misbehave when we constantly use them for a long time without shutting them off. By restarting your device it will help fix common problems and automatically turn off Safe Mode. To restart your Android device:

  • Press and hold the Power button on the side of your device until several device options pop up.

  • Then tap Restart.

2. Turn Off Safe Mode from the Notification Panel

There are some Android devices that allow you to turn off Safe Mode from the Notification Panel. To turn off Safe Mode from the Notification Panel:

  • Pull down the Notification Panel from the top of your device’s screen.

  • Tap the Safe mode enabled notification to turn it off.

  • Your phone will automatically restart and turn off Safe Mode.

3. Use the Hardware buttons

Thirdly, in case none of the above tactics worked, you should try the hardware buttons. However, the chances of this trick working is 50/50, for potential results every step needs to be precise. To turn off Safe Mode using hardware buttons:

  • Turn off your device.

  • Then press and hold the Power button once the device is off.

  • When your device’s logo appears on the screen, let go of the Power button.

  • Quickly press and hold the Volume Down button after letting go of the Power button.

Meanwhile, after successful completion of the above steps you should see a Safe Mode: OFF message on your device’s screen.

Takeaway Tips

Always check on your device’s buttons to find out if they are damaged. Sometimes buttons like Volume Up or Down might be long pressing your device and could trigger it into Safe Mode often.

If the problem persists you should try factory reset on your device, this will erase all data on your device. Before you opt for factory reset you should make sure to backup your sensitive data to the cloud.

Thanks for your time for reading our How-To guide, I hope this article helped you, you may also add additional tips in the comment box below.

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