Mon. Oct 26th, 2020
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It comes with no surprise that KPLC is a very popular power provider across Kenya, but on the downside is that the company has been up in technical glitches and poor customer services, especially after the unveiled Prepaid power token system which has been angering many KPLC clients.

In some cases clients buy prepaid KPLC power tokens and end up waiting for hours, days and maybe never until they visit the KPLC customer care offices to access these hard-paid-for tokens, which is very frustrating.

However, to counter this underlying problem, KPLC unveiled another system to retrieve your recently purchased KPLC tokens, the system can be accessed via a USSD code (*977#) on your smartphone. With this new method you can retrieve up to the last three (3) purchased KPLC power tokens.

NOTE: With this method you don’t need any internet connection, just make sure you have some airtime on your smartphone and you are good to go.

To retrieve your recently purchased KPLC tokens follow the simple method below:

1. Access your smartphone, and dial *977#

2. Go to “Prepaid Services”

3. Select “Latest token”

4. Then enter your Prepaid Meter Account Number

5. And tap “Send”

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Silvaro D'Silvas

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