WhatsApp Communities
Earlier this year Meta announced the advent of a new WhatsApp feature dubbed WhatsApp Communities. Recently confirmed by the Meta CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, the feature is set to be rolled out globally for all users starting from the US and the UK. The social messaging platform has also increased the number of users in a […]
The American tech billionaire and Meta CEO, Mark Zuckerberg may not really be impressed by your scrolling habits. According to Zuckerberg, the social platforms were built to make communication easier and meaningful connections. Researches have revealed that social media can be addictive which can lead to depression and anxiety, however, the Facebook founder believes that […]
Facebook recently renamed ‘Meta’, won’t just stop with the Oculus or the RayBan smart glasses. With an aim of creating the metaverse, Meta has recently stepped up itself to solely focus on bringing virtual reality (VR) into reality. The US tech firm has announced that it is creating a haptic glove, a wearable device that […]
The popular instant messaging app, WhatsApp, has rolled out a new voice feature. On Tuesday the company revealed that the users will be able to preview their voice messages before hitting send. “They are not mistakes, they are rehearsals. Now you can preview your messages before you hit send,” shared WhatsApp on Twitter. Following a […]
Google launches Task Mate in Kenya
US tech giant, Google, recently launched TaskMate app in Kenya. TaskMate is a crowdsourcing app that lets users perform tasks and earn money after accomplishing simple tasks such as filling out surveys and taking photos. The US firm has been conducting experiments with the app in Kenya since last year before releasing the beta version. […]
Started out as not so popular cryptocurrency and fuelled to popularity by memers. It’s quite honest to say that Dogecoin or DOGE has become one of the most versatile cryptocurrencies in the world competing against Bitcoin and Ethereum. The use of this particular crypto currency is quite simple, users buy it and hold it for […]
On Saturday, app researcher Jane Manchun Wong tweeted that the social media service is preparing to roll out a KShs 300 ($3) per month subscription model called Twitter Blue that would offer users exclusive services such as saving and organizing favourite tweets as well as undoing tweets.
Chinese artificial sun HL-2M Tokamak
HL-2M reactor which is located in the south western Sichuan Province is notably referred to as an “artificial sun” due to its enormous production of heat. The reactor uses a very powerful magnetic field to fuse plasma and when activated can reach temperatures of over 150 million degrees Celsius, which is approximately ten times hotter than the core of the natural sun, which reaches at only 15 million degrees Celsius.
best web hosting providers in Kenya
Finding a suitable web hosting platform is the next big thing after getting a new website name idea, whether it's a business website or just a hobby. Below you will find the best web hosting providers in Kenya that I have managed to put together in one brief post.
On November 6, China sent 13 satellites into orbit with a single rocket, including the world's first 6G communication experiment satellite. The 6G frequency band will expand from the 5G millimeter wave frequency to the terahertz frequency which is an electromagnetic wave with a frequency range between microwave and infrared.