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Hi! Welcome to our Guest Blog page!

Here we are going to discuss what this page is all about in brief.

We value everyone’s opinion. We welcome viewers to share their thoughts, opinions and analysis about any topic.

Deal of the day

Here at Netizen Radar we believe in the power of storytelling from our own perspectives, and everyone deserves the right and opportunity to share their views.

Therefore we have created this platform for our audience to express their own opinions, stories and analysis about developing stories from around the world, whether it’s politics, entertainment, lifestyle, health, science and technology, conspiracies etc. We are now open for guest bloggers!

So before you share any content, I thought we should set up some few rules to make sure our community standards are not violated, and keep our platform safe and trustworthy.

Please read through them properly.

1. No nudity or erotic content.

2. Submitted content should be genuine and original.

3. Do not submit copyrighted material (photos, videos, sounds etc), unless you have been granted permission by the owner.

4. Photos and videos should be copyright-free, (we recommend files from sites like Pixabay, Pexels or Unsplash).

5. And finally, no spamming.

To get started, email us at,, with the following layout;

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Submit your own story or information and share it with the world!