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Donald Trump’s Campaign Website Gets Hacked

On Tuesday, US president Donald Trump’s campaign website was temporarily seized by unknown cryptocurrency scammers, leaving a threatening message claiming that they will expose Donald Trump’s heinous acts.

According to a report by the Associated Press, Trump’s campaign director, Tim Murtaugh said that Trump’s website was “defaced” by intruders.

Deal of the day

During a brief period of the hacking, a message appeared on the ‘About’ section of the website claiming as follows:

“the world has had enough of the fake news spread daily by President Donald J. Trump,”

It’s time to allow the world to know truth. Multiple devices were compromised that gave full access to Trump and relatives,” the message continues. “Most internal and secret conversations strictly classified information is exposed proving that the Trump gov is involved in the origin of the coronavirus.”

Moreover, the source claimed that they “have evidence that completely discredits Mr. Trump as a president, proving his criminal involvement and cooperation with foreign actors manipulating the 2020 elections.”

The intruders then left two Monero cryptocurrency wallet IDs that encouraged visitors to decide the release of the information, by sending cryptocurrency to the wallets, claiming that if the first wallet received more money than the second wallet, the attackers would release the hidden information.

According to Tech Crunch, it is believed that this particular attack is a scam and the hackers were attempting to collect cryptocurrency.

After the website was retrieved and reversed to its normal state a few minutes later, Trump’s campaign communications director, Tim Murtaugh stated that there was no exposure of sensitive data and that they are working with law enforcement authorities to investigate the source of the hacking.

There was no exposure to sensitive data because none of it is actually stored on the site,” stated Tim Murtaugh, Trump’s Campaign Director.

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