Tue. Nov 24th, 2020

Smoke and fire have blown up again since Sunday morning in one of the most disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh threatening Armenia and Azerbaijan to plunge into a full-scale war which could further draw in other international players.

While the disputed region in Central Asia has claimed thousands of lives since 1990s, both sides blame each other for the violence, however, it appears Azerbaijan has been preparing itself for a hostile takeover to recover a part of Nagorno-Karabakh for some time.

The war has now surpassed the scale of previous conflicts between the two nations which now includes heavy artillery, tanks, missiles, drones and high-tech weapons.

In the meantime, the war has already claimed more than a hundred lives including civilians and combatants, whereas thousands have been displaced.

The conflict came as a result of diplomatic standoff, belligerent rhetoric and border clash since July on the northern border between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Could The Conflict Come To An End?

Most international players including Russia, Europe and the US have called for an immediate ceasefire and resume dialog, on the other hand, Azerbaijan has rejected renewed negotiations with Armenia, this has come amid guaranteed support for Azerbaijan by Turkey.

If the two nations won’t be able to settle the conflict too soon, it could result to a full-scale conflict in the region and draw in world powers and spark a third world war.

Turkey Is On The Forefront Providing Military Support For Azerbaijan

Yerevan has accused Ankara of shooting down an Armenian SU-25 aircraft on September 29, which Ankara has so far denied. Ever since the onset of the war, Turkey has declared unconditional support for Azerbaijan and has been supplying the nation with military equipment.

Turkey’s growing involvement in the war has drawn much attention from the international community, whereas Russia has warned President Erdogan to work towards achieving a solution peacefully. Turkey has recently been on the spotlight for violation of international laws including the interference in the Libyan and Syrian wars and the invasion into the Greek waters, these recent activities have made Turkey’s expansionist agendas quite clear.

Ankara will find itself at crossroads with Moscow by continuous involvement in the two ex-Soviet states, which could lead to further escalation between Russia and Turkey.

The Current Players In The Armenian-Azerbaijan War

While Turkey supports the Islamic country, Azerbaijan, on the other hand Russia has signed a defence agreement with the Christian country, Armenia. Despite Nagorno-Karabakh population being comprised primarily of ethnic Armenian Christians, the region is internationally recognised as part of Azerbaijan, even though the autonomous government of that region has refused to accept Azerbaijan’s control over it.

The International Community’s Reaction

Many international players have come up calling for a ceasefire between the two nations, these include; Iran, Russia, Qatar, Georgia and USA, which have offered to mediate. A meeting of the United Nations Security Council on September 29, affirmed the primary role of the Minsk Group chaired by France, Russia and USA, of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe in meditating between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

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