Tue. Nov 24th, 2020

In a statement on Monday, September 28, President Uhuru Kenyatta unveiled a new set of measures that are aimed at salvaging farmers from losses amid the Covid-19 pandemic which has wrecked over a million of jobs in Kenya.

Mr Kenyatta directed maize drying charges at the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) to be reviewed up to a 50% low from the current KSh 40 per unit to KSh 20 per unit as an effort to stabilise the country’s economy.

Mr Kenyatta also asked the NCPB to avail stores for farmers, farmer groups and traders for storage at an affordable cost.

“NCPB will therefore be required to review the current storage charges from the current KSh 10 per bag per month to KSh 3 per bag per month. I also direct that the recommended minimum maize selling price by the farmer to be KSh 2, 500 per 90 KG bag and require that the Ministry (of Agriculture) enforces these prices.

The national government will also make sure that maize driers are made available to all maize growing areas by the coming season. These driers will be community based and therefore will be managed by groups of farmers/cooperatives at community level.”

President Kenyatta also noted that outstanding payments that are due to farmers to be paid in full.

“I also note that there are outstanding payments due to the maize farmers and I therefore direct that payments to genuine farmers and traders who supplied maize to NCPB to be concluded by the end of this week, Friday, October 2.”

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