Why you should visit Dubai

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An enjoyable life is always accompanied with great adventuress and great friends. Travelling helps one to experience the valuable and transformative nature of our planet.

Our planet is beautified with the colorful nature that feeds our sight. For instance, the beauty of Dubai city in the United Arab Emirates provides the best environment for adventure.

Dubai is known for its night life and clubbing. The city offers the best environment for recreational activities. It is one of the world’s popular tourism destination. It has the following features that make it the world’s popular tourism destination; tallest building in the world, most five star rated hotels in the world, large shopping malls, annual entertainment events and major global transport hub for passengers. These features attract approximately four million visitors annually.

Burj khalifa, the tallest building in the world attracts tourists as it offers the best view of the land. Large shopping malls such as Deira city center and bur Juman attracts shoppers.

Annual entertainment events such as Dubai summer surprises and Dubai shopping festivals give visitors the urge to visit Dubai. Dubai provides captivating sites for visitors. The rare phenomena of Dubai brings about its captivating nature.

The following activities take place in Dubai; shopping, fun and gaming, cultural activities, outdoor recreational activities, day trips and excursion. The following sites facilitates the above activities; water parks, Dubai marina yatch, Dubai miracle garden, Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo.

The downtown provides a fantastic place for interacting with the residents. Dubai has the best mode of transport to facilitate movement across the environment.

Al Maktoum international airport facilitates global movement. It also has other means of transport that connect major landmarks and tourist ports. They include; buses, metro, taxis and water buses depending on the destination.

Traveling to Dubai gives one the best experience as one meets different people and new encounters. New York times describes Dubai as ‘the kind of a city where you might run into Michael Jordan at the Buddha bar or stamble across Naomi Campbell celebrating her birthday with a multiday bash.’


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