A community of Bantu speakers in rural Kenya have redesigned the olden ways of marriage attire by replacing veils with face masks inspired by the Spanish hit series La Casa De Papel, widely known as Money Heist. The brides are seen wearing Dali masks and covered by red flannel fabrics mimicking the resistance dressing code in Money Heist.
Whether you believe this or not, some of us believe penguins can fly, but they are just cool with their walking style. Here, checkout these few random facts that I bet most of them will puzzle you. 1. You can’t breathe with your tongue out, if you do so, you may only appear like a […]
Our fluffy friends like to purr every time they feel at peace or comfortable. But, did you know that whatever weird or funny the sound they produce is and their company can actually help boost your overall health? Scientists and experts have discovered that, a cat’s purr creates vibrations at a frequency of 20 – […]
Being men just makes us men and we are the only ones who can understand this, simply because, we’re men. There are certain things in this world that only men can truly understand, check out these pictures for instance. You may call it morning-wood if you want 2. Not a word here 3. It happens […]
Tennis has so far developed into one of the world’s most watched sport today, ranking alongside football and basketball. Despite being one of the most loved game, the little ball has turned out to be a weirdly scary bouncy monster. Check out this images that define the weirdest encounters with “little Tennis”. 1. 2. 3. […]
Mekatilili wa Menza was a Kenyan female freedom fighter who led the Giriama resistance against the British colonial power in Coastal Kenya in early 20th century. On Sunday Google displayed a Doodle on their search engine depicting the famous female resistance leader from Kenya which led to a mass sense of patriotism and appreciation among […]
We live in a world where every activity we undertake requires some monetary fuel to work effectively. Most of these activities add a significant amount of exhaustion in our weekly and monthly expenses. In the past few decades great men and women in the tech innovation sphere and entrepreneurs have been looking for ways to […]
Sweat by itself doesn’t smell, but when it is exposed to bacteria on your skin then it will produce a disgusting smell. However, for some people excessive armpit smell could be an underlying health condition that needs special attention and for the majority it’s basically due to lifestyle, having some little changes done day by […]
WordPress is the most famous power generator when it comes to choosing a publishing platform for websites. The system powers over 30% of all the websites in the world, including BBC America, Time Inc, Sony Music and The New Yorker. Given the popularity of WordPress, there is also a great distinction between a free WordPress.com […]
Donald Trump is perhaps one of the world’s most controversial leaders. He is known for his unpredictable character, and the media can’t go a day without talking about him. Trump is also known for his weird, erratic and funny behaviour ever seen on any world leader. He likes his magnificent hairstyle, he is always ready […]