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Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement
8 February 2021 / Education, Schorlarships

Kenya unveils scholarships for KCSE C, D & E students: Here’s how you can apply

The scholarships for KCSE C, D & E students program is set to benefit hundreds of thousands of Kenyan students who underperformed in the national KCSE exams. Through the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS), a state organisation established under the Universities Act, 2012, to coordinate the placement of government-sponsored students to universities and colleges, youths will be able to apply for diverse courses from the lowest grade in the high school education system.
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Nominated senator Isaac Mwaura
7 February 2021 / Kenya, National, Politics

Outrage in Kenya after MP Junet Mohammed claimes nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura bleached himself

On Saturday, February 6, ODM lawmaker and Suna East Member of Parliament Junet Mohammed claimed that, the nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura 'bleached' himself in order to get a nomination slot to represent people with disability in parliament. “I have seen someone who is walking around and has been presenting himself as a person with disability, this man Isaac Mwaura, I thought he had a disability and should be helped but I have realised he is a white man...” claimed MP Junet Mohammed, “it seems he bleached himself so he could secure himself nomination to the National Assembly, first through the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), then Jubilee and now he has decamped to the Wheelbarrow movement, we want the Constitution amended so that all white men can be compared to people with disability.”
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Ethiopia foils attack on UAE Embassy
7 February 2021 / Africa, Ethiopia

Ethiopia foils a terror attack aimed at UAE Embassy in Addis Ababa

The 15 suspects arrested had taken orders from a terrorist group based in a foreign country to conduct an attack on the UAE Embassy in Addis Ababa with the objective of damaging the capital's image.
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Kenya expected to get covid-19 vaccine
26 December 2020 / National, Africa

Kenya To Expect 24 Million Doses Of Covid-19 Vaccine By Early 2021

The country is yet to expect 24 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine from Gavi, the vaccine alliance, by as early as the first quarter of 2021. Gavi is a public-private global health partnership that aims to increase access to immunisation in poor countries.
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Mombasa car crash
25 December 2020 / Local, National

33 Year Old Winnie Achieng Dies After Car Crashes Into Indian Ocean In Mombasa

"Before the car plunged into the ocean, my mum tried pressing on to the brakes but they failed, the car then rolled and plunged into the ocean. I quickly unfastened the safety belt then opened the front door and vacated the car wreckage," explained 12-year old Gift Otieno. A 33-year old woman, Winnie Achieng dies after the Toyota Vitz KCY 556B she was driving, crashed into the Indian Ocean at the Makupa Causeway in Mombasa on Wednesday morning. The young lady, Winnie Achieng, was accompanied by her 12-year old son, Gift Otieno, on there way from to Mombasa island from Changamwe.
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29 October 2020 / World, Asia, Politics

India And The US Sign A New Military Alliance Against China As Tensions In The Indo-Pacific Region Surge

As fear of another border and regional conflict continue to surge between India and China, the US has brokered a new defence deal with India in order to contain Chinese imperialistic expansion in the Indo-Pacific Region. In a press conference on Tuesday in New Delhi, US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper and his Indian counterpart Rajnath Singh announced the signing of the Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement (BECA).
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28 October 2020 / Politics, North America, US

Donald Trump’s Campaign Website Gets Hacked

On Tuesday, US president Donald Trump's campaign website was temporarily seized by unknown cryptocurrency scammers, leaving a threatening message claiming that they will expose Donald Trump's heinous acts.
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17 October 2020 / World, North America, Politics, US

Trump May Leave The US If He Lost To Biden

“Maybe I’ll have to leave the country, I don’t know." While addressing his supporters during his presidential campaign in Macon,...
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3 October 2020 / World, Africa, Politics

African Hero Of “Hotel Rwanda” Denied Bail And Ordered To Stand Trial

A court in Kigali, Rwanda, has denied bail to Paul Rusesabagina, who has been decorated as the hero of the...
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3 October 2020 / World, Science

Cats And Covid-19, Could Cats Be The Path To A Covid-19 Vaccine?

According to a latest scientific report, it has been revealed that cats develop a protective immune response to Covid-19, this...
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