The 28-year old Canadian musician took to his social media handles to make an appalling announcement while thanking his fans who have stood by him and supported him while battling a Ramsay-Hunt Syndrome. While he hinted that he may return to perform, he declared that he needed to take care of himself. The announcement comes […]
In a video released and shared on the internet, American rapper Fat Joe shares a motivational message to former Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho. “Joho 001. Nothing can stop you. All the way up!” The former governor responded by sharing the viral video. The public friendship between the two dates back to 2016 when Joho shared […]
Diamond Platnumz Rayvanny-min
About three weeks ago after the exit of Te Quiero hit maker, Rayvanny, sources have alleged exploitative contract deals made by the Tanzanian label, WCB. The Tanzanian brand owned by Diamond Platnumz is known to take a 60% of the total revenue generated by the artists signed under the label. Following an internal contractual dispute […]
Wild reports have emerged that Tanzanian artists Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu might be dating. According to Tanzanian blogger, Mange Kimambi, the CEO of Wasafi has had his eyes on the “Sukari” hit star for some time now. The blogger goes even further to speculate that Diamond is soon going to tie a knot with Zuchu. […]
Diamond Platnumz
Tanzanian hit star Diamond Platnumz has been reported to have parted ways with his long time photographer and videographer Lukamba. Lukamba became one of the few people close to Diamond Platnumz and the two have shared intimate memories since they began working together, travelling across the world and meeting with other celebrities. After a long […]
American rapper and controversial figure, Kanye West has left his fans in awe after he revealed that he will be “homeless in a year” because he is turning all his properties into churches. Mr. West revealed that the society is being killed by capitalist rule, citing that it’s time to change that. The ex-husband of […]
Benson Kesi
Benson Kesi is an aspiring gospel artist from Kenya. Hailing from the heart of Malindi, Kesi has been able to achieve a great share of followers in Kenya’s upcoming artists. Growing up in a Christian culture helped Kesi forge a strong bond between his career and serving God at the same time. Venturing into gospel […]
Mike Monster
Born Michael Shukran, Mike Monster is a Kenyan artist from the coastal city of Malindi, he started his music career back in 2018 with a song titled ‘Karibia’. He later launched the song ‘Twakinyola’ which officially put him among the most promising artists hailing from Malindi. As a young and aspiring artist from Malindi, Monster […]
Safaricom Baze
Safaricom recently launched Baze, a digital video platform for content creators and smartphone customers. Baze further provides an avenue to generate earnings by taking a revenue share on customer subscriptions. Baze is a video-on-demand service that offers a wide selection of local and regional short form videos in entertainment, music, news and sports. The platform, […]
Rapper Collo
Rapper Collo shares his life experience on how he ended up begging on an interview done on 1st May.  Collo does not understand how he ended up in a miserable life. He felt lost and was deeply immersed in alcoholism before his fortune changed drastically to worst. Collins Majale, commonly known as Rapper Collo, an […]