Free bridesmaid services for virgin couples, offers Milly WaJesus

Free bridesmaid services for virgin couples, offers Milly WaJesus

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Milly WaJesus, a Kenyan Content creator has come up with a new plan for the lovers of her work, including a free service for virgin couples, this comes after numerous people have complained that her charges are way higher.

For virgin couples to get her offer they have to go for a 21-day fast with her in the mountains and also they must book her at least six months earlier to enable her schedule the activity.

Here is what she wrote on her Instagram handle:

“Watu wamejitetea sana on my inbox & email kuhusu my wedding lineup rate card . Nimeamua kufanya for FREE . Only if the couple is willing to fast and pray for 21 days with me at the mountain & they should both be virgins. You also have to book me atleast 6 months in advance cause I will be busy praying with other couples. A marriage founded in God will stand the test of time 😍.”

Milly WaJesus is one of the most expensive bridesmaid in Kenya with a service rate card that ranges from a minimum of KShs.125,000 up to KShs.3,000,000.

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