Meet Benson Kesi: An aspiring gospel artist from Kenya

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Benson Kesi is an aspiring gospel artist from Kenya. Hailing from the heart of Malindi, Kesi has been able to achieve a great share of followers in Kenya’s upcoming artists. Growing up in a Christian culture helped Kesi forge a strong bond between his career and serving God at the same time.

Venturing into gospel music has never been an easy endeavour for Kesi, given the fact that there is a very stiff competition with major players like Bahati and Willy Paul. Most artists who set into this route end up either quitting music or turn into secular music in order to stay afloat.

Benson Kesi started out with a great interest in high school drama and theatrical performance. Soon after graduating from high school, Kesi joined a theatrical acting group that kick-started his acting venture, and he begun high school set-books acting.

Despite his efforts into acting, things did not go as expected.  After quitting high school set books acting, Kesi found a new calling into gospel music, and that’s where his career officially began.

He is now one of the most promising upcoming gospel artists from coastal Kenya and has worked with Tanzania’s gospel artist, Annoint Amani.

Currently he has done four songs that he has officially released. Some of his songs are ‘Tawala’, which he performed solo, other duets he performed with Annoint Amani are ‘Viulizo’, ‘Hechudeke’, ‘ Kenyatta Magufuli’ and ‘Ni Yule Yule’.


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