11 Unique Benefits Of Travelling

11 Unique Benefits Of Travelling

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Travelling has been a part of human development for thousands of years. Many people from ancient times have been travelling the world for many diverse reasons, some of which may include finding new lands, treasures or even exploring the beauty of nature.

History recalls notable examples of travellers like the Queen of Sheba who travelled all the way from ancient Ethiopia (Cush) to Israel just to hear and witness the Solomonic wisdom. Another notable example is the Chinese explorer Zheng He who went on major expeditions across the globe to establish new trade areas for the Chinese Empire.

Today, even though it is a 21st century era with virtual exploration technology, travelling from one place to another has been adding a particular taste in our lives. Below is a list of unique benefits of travelling that you’d need to check out and fuel your wanderlust.

1. Taste New Cuisines

Every a hundred miles across the world cuisines’ tastes change leaving behind a particular native taste and aroma. Biryani cooked in India and biryani cooked in Dubai might have the same recipe but differ in taste and still maintain the taste of that region. By travelling you end up discovering cuisines you have never tried before, plus you always get the opportunity to socialise and gain new recipes to try at home.

On the other hand you also help stabilise the local vendors who are facing stiff competition from famous 5-star restaurants that are taking over everything. Buying from these local vendors helps them build their economy which in return makes tourists feel welcome.

2. Improves Health

Sometimes the best medicine doesn’t have to be pills, it could just take you from one place to the other to heal your worst health problem.

We spend most of our times in noisy, boring environments with glassy metal-like colours and walking around on dark tarmac pavements with man-made landscapes, breathing polluted air, most of these gradually destroy our health as our lives long to be free.

When we travel we get the opportunity to separate from our hectic routines and find some things that are worth living for and appreciate the fact that they are always there when we need them.

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3. Learning New Things

Travelling is learning in adventure, as a blogger I always make it my priority to learn new things whenever I travel to new places because that is where I get real life education. By meeting different people from vast cultures and societies you get knowledge that is impossible to find at school.

The books and the internet may offer lots of information but it’s still not enough, the most beautiful things out there can not be described by words alone, they must be felt and tasted. I may explain to you about a particular Mexican dish or the beauty of Anse Lazio in Seychelles, but if you were there it would give you the original feel. You learn about how the locals do this or that and when you return home you have a handful of knowledge.

Learning is endless and adventures are infinite. – Silvaro D’Silvas

4. Improves Our Relationships

Our relationships fail often because most of us like staying in our comfort zones and end up complaining about how people close to us are unsatisfying, but, the truth always lingers outside your comfort zone.

Travelling is one unique way of improving and strengthening friends and family relationships. By travelling together people interact and get to learn more about each other and how they have most things in common than their differences.

5. Explore New Cultures

Even though our world today has come together as one community, it still retains hundreds of cultures that uniquely differ from each other. By travelling across the world we come to realise how our cultures differ but still interact at different levels of perception.


6. Enhances Creativity

Different cultures offer different ways to solve different things and situations, it is what God has diversified among all humanity and its cultures. In foreign places we learn a lot of art and cultures which we are able to share when we return back home. Even the greatest film-makers and entertainers in the world have achieved their creative peaks by integrating different cultures from around the world into their craft.

7. It Creates Memories

Travelling helps you build stronger bonds with friends and family members and also creates great memories. You can also save these lifetime memories by creating photo albums or sharing photos on social media.

The greatest gifts an adventure can give are priceless memories. Sometimes you may grab your photo album or smartphone to view photos and all over a sudden those past memories come back vividly, and you relive your adventures every single day, those days never come back but no one can take them away.

8. Improves Communication Skills

Not everyone speaks English and not everyone speaks Latin languages and that’s why one of the greatest benefits of travelling, especially to areas where your native language is not widely used, is that you learn how to communicate better with other people.

You’ll have to agree with me when I say that most of the time you travel to a foreign place you will definitely have to employ a lot of gesturing and making those weird hand movements. But with time you learn a lot from the locals because at the end of the day you’d catch up a few new words. Some words don’t have direct translations into other languages, and that’s where life pushes you to improvise with the little you have at your disposal.

9. Get A New Perspective Of Things

What is the meaning of life in a Chinese point of view? Is it giving what you have to those who don’t have or living every moment to the fullest? Well, I guess you’ll never know unless you go to China, someday.

Travelling helps you connect with different people from different cultures and societies where you actually witness and experience the kinds of lives and conditions people live in, this teaches you more about the reality of life. On the other hand you get the opportunity to see issues and daily life challenges from a different angle far apart from the mainstream perception.

10. Try New Things

Travelling is one way to step out of your comfort zone and try the new things you have never done in your entire life. Taste a new cuisine, speak a little foreign words or go camping in the wild, this is what makes life worth living. Life is too short to stay under one roof and going through that normal routine over and over again.


11. Rediscover The Young Spirit In You

You know sometimes we grow up and forget the significant things that make us, the real us. You may be in your sixties but the real twenties is in you, you may be thirties but a real eight year old is in you. You just have to get them out and have real fun, cause no matter how old we get, our spirits will always be younger.

No matter how young or old you are, there is always a time when the child in you wants to have some fun. It could be now!

What have been your best travel moments in your life? Share your point of view with us. And don’t forget to share this piece with friends and family! Aloha!

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