New Malindi Waterfront To Change The Face Of Malindi

Malindi Waterfront

New Malindi Waterfront To Change The Face Of Malindi

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The Malindi Waterfront project is set to enhance Malindi’s economy and multicultural diversity which has been heavily affected by climate change and uncontrolled urbanisation. The coastal city has served as a major tourists’ destination, both locally and internationally due to its wealth in culture and historical sites.

Adorned by diverse attractions, including the Vasco da Gama pillar, Malindi Museum and the House of Columns, Uhuru Garden, Falconry park, Malindi Marine Park beach, Bunthwani Pier and various villas and cottages, Malindi is one of the few liveliest multicultural cities in Kenya.

The latest Malindi Waterfont project is a socio-ecological infrastracture project awarded by UNHABITAT at IDCK back in 2016. The overall framework and design were built through the association of researchers from MSLab (Politecnico di Milano) and from Jomo Kenyatta University (Nariobi, Kenya) and was led by Alessandro Frigerio.

What is the main reason behind the construction of the Malindi Waterfront?

Despite Malindi transforming into a coastal metropolitan, the town has been slammed by adverse effects of uncontrolled urbanisation, which has been heavily influenced by privatisation along the coastline. Some other adverse effects include lack of proper maintenance and rapid growth of informal settlements which continue to diminish Malindi’s fragile ecosystem.

In order to counter the emerging risks of global climate change and reclaiming the once treasured habitat, UNHABITAT collaborated with Ministry of Land, Housing & Urban Development of Kenya and the Malindi Waterfront project was launched.

The Malindi Waterfront project will answer the many social and environmental problems faced in the region, which includes providing an interactive platform for social inclusivity and enhance multicultural cohesion.

What will be the benefits of the Malindi Waterfront?

The Malindi Waterfront is designed in a way that local and international tourists will enjoy a wide array of diversity that will consist a wide set of events, activities and recreational facilities with various scales and formality gradient: sport, leisure, music, culture, festivals, commerce, fishing, agriculture, tourism, memory, education, co-working and artwork that will reflect the serenity and vibrance of a modern environmental-friendly Malindi.

The waterfront project will also serve as a major economic driver for the people of Malindi and the many businesses that depend on the beach goers along the coastline.

What to expect at the Malindi Waterfront after completion

Visitors are expected to be awestruck when they visit Malindi Waterfront after completion

The waterfront project will have two beach volleyball pitches and a beach football pitch which will be able to host international and local tournaments.

There will be ultramodern cafeterias and food courts, together with a site for concerts.

A designated area for kids to play on slides and swings like the ones at Sinbad Malindi.

A relaxation area with modern designed seats.

Modern designed toilet facilities for visitors.

Local and international tourists can enjoy different views and sceneries at different angles from the Waterfront. Some of the nearby views include, Bunthwani Pier, House of Columns and Vasco da Gama Pillar.

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