Voyager Station: Gigantic space hotel set to open in 2026

voyager station

Voyager Station: Gigantic space hotel set to open in 2026

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The gigantic space hotel called Voyager Station is set to open in 2026, and will offer a luxe resort experience while orbiting the earth.

This new space hotel wants to take your next vacation to another level.

Orbital Assembly Corporation has announced plans to begin the construction of Voyager Station which could turn out to be the first space hotel in 2026.

In other words the Voyager Station will be a luxe space resort that happens to orbit the earth.

The Voyager Station won’t just be a place to stay; it will also include 5-star restaurants, a movie theatre and a spa.

Based on early renderings, the hotel will resemble a Ferris wheel floating in orbit, with an outer ring connected to the center hub of the structure by elevators, almost like the London Eye.

According to the Washington Post reports, the luxe station will have rooms for up to 280 guests, who upon boarding will have to undergo some space training, and will be accompanied by 112 crew members.

The luxurious space resort will be inclusive of all 5-star resort amenities including entertainment hubs, shopping centres, restaurants, gym and spa.

Clients will even be able to take a spacewalk while they are there while enjoying the earth view from space.

Although booking rates are yet to be confirmed, space travel doesn’t come cheap. A three-a-half-day trip to the hotel is expected to cost whopping $5 million (500 million KShs) . However, this is much cheaper compared to the $55 million (5.5 billion KShs) it costs a private citizen to journey to the International Space Station.

The space construction startup has referred to Voyager Station as the first space hotel, but it remains to be seen whether that will turn out to be the case.

In the meantime there are no out of earth resorts, and Orbital Assembly faces a stiff competition from Axiom Space, which announced a $2 billion (200 billion KShs) investment plan to begin the construction of AxStation in 2026.

While it’s not yet clear to have a space resort soon, merely due to the scope of the overly expensive construction process, there’s still a possibility we’ll soon be vacating to space.

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