9 Ways To Travel On Budget

9 Ways To Travel On Budget

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Travelling can be very expensive and it can also be very cheap depending on how you want it to be. On the other side, a thousand league beneath the sea, you don’t have to get a millionaire payroll to travel around the world. With a few Euros and a bucket of travelling hacks you can fulfil your wildest wanderlust desires.

As I have put to light in the first place that travelling can be both cheap and expensive, today we are going to discuss how you can enjoy travelling on budget without causing fatality in your financial accounts. These travelling budget tips have been applied many times around the world and have worked effectively.

1. Book Your Flights Earlier

Flight costs vary from day to day and the more days draw nigh the prices also go up. It has always been common in air travel, where last minute flights are always expensive. Booking your flights a couple of weeks or months before your next voyage helps to reduce your flight expenses by up to 30%, this helps you save a lot of time and money as you get organised awaiting for your flight dates. It is also wise to shop around to compare flight rates before booking.

2. Don’t Pack A Lot Of Stuff

Packing a lot of stuff means carrying a lot of luggage, carrying a lot of luggage means additional luggage fees at the airport. Only pack the most essential stuff you are going to use during your next travel. This will help lower luggage fees at the airport. Also make sure you include a waterproof jacket while travelling just in case of unpredictable weather patterns.

3. Eat More Local

This is one effective way of staying on budget while travelling to any place in the world. Eating local cuisines can add an exciting spicy taste to your entire adventure. In fact local foods are much fresh and healthier compared to canned foods sold at supermarkets or overpriced foods sold in high-end hotels. Plus, local foods are less expensive and offer many benefits to the buyer.

4. Get Prepared Before Hand

Every important endeavour requires planning. Getting prepared before you begin your next journey is the first and foremost thing to do. Get yourself a pen and notepad and start writing down what you will need during your travel, how you will get the things you will need. This also includes what you are going to do, how you will spend your time while travelling and everything necessary. Compare booking rates, the places you will visit and their safety. This will help you forecast your budget and cut out irrelevant expenses.


5. Decide Where You Want To Travel

Different destinations around the world vary by a distinct amount of cash. This mostly depends on how strong the currency is in that region or how developed that potential destination is. Depending on your budget plan, it may not be necessary to go to a very expensive destination that may exhaust your wallet.

For instance, you may opt to go to the Bahamas instead of Maldives, this is because Bahamas offers the same luxurious treats as Maldives yet at a cheap price. Before you set sail compare your potential destinations.

6. Walk If You Have To

One of the best things about travelling to new places is sightseeing. You really don’t have to spend extra cash if you are going for short trips within a country. Perhaps you need to go for a long haul trip within a country, then the best way is to use public transport. The added benefit of walking around while travelling is the ability to see new places both far and near and experience every place you go through, the cities and skyscrappers, beautiful gardens and mountain tops, sometimes you may end up seeing the beauty you did not expect to see. Plus, walking helps you keep fit while abroad and still enjoy your vacation.


7. Avoid Expensive Hotels

There are many alternatives when it comes to choosing a place to sleep in a foreign place. Use a service like TripAdvisor to compare hotel prices, or you may choose to rent at a guest house or hostel, these are mostly cheap and can help you save a lot of cash. Some other means are, sharing a room with a friend or travel buddy. Other sites like Couchsurfing allow you to book a spacious room in a local resident’s house or apartment at a fairly low price, this also helps travellers to socialise with the locals and get the feeling of welcomeness in a new environment.

8. Book All-In-One

Sometimes you have to take advantage of combo offers. Some sites like Booking.com offer great vacation packages and deals. This means you can book a flight, hotel and rent a car or a cruise at a relatively lower price than booking this combination separately. Booking all-in-one is mostly recommended because it is much cheaper and reliable for budget travellers.

9. Hire A Local Tour Guide

There are many local people out there who are waiting to make friends with foreigners. So why not take the opportunity to hire them as local tour guides. The good news is that you can pay them any amount of cash you prefer since most of them only depend on tips. And you can save up to three quarters of what you would have paid at a tour agency and still get the equal benefit.


When trying to travel on budget you need to be more flexible with yourself. Time and patience matters a lot. Sometimes things happen in ways we don’t expect and we have to adapt to that. The good thing about travelling around the world is that you don’t need to be rich to explore, it just takes a few hacks here and there. Everyday the world is becoming much smaller to navigate as our communities merge into one big society and travelling becomes much easier.


Remember, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, which you have just started by learning these few tips and by incorporating them you can save tons of money on your next vacation.

Let us know your favourite tips and travelling insights.

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