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Definition of a Collective Noun
What are collective nouns? Well in linguistics, a collective noun refers to a collection of things taken as a whole. For instance, a herd of caribou, a troupe of monkeys et cetera.
Today we are going to look at some of the most interesting collective nouns some you might have learnt at school and some, uh, you’ll know here. Below is a list of collective nouns, some might sound weird like “A risk of lobsters”, seriously, what’s that risk for?

The Mind Blowing
A bale of turtles
A bike of bees
A blessing of narwhals
A bloom of jellyfish
A brood of chicken
A cackle of hyenas
A caravan of camels
A cast of falcons
A cast of ferrets
A cluster of cats
A coalition of cheetahs
A company of moles
A company of parrots
A convocation of eagles
A covey of quails
A crash of rhinoceroses
A delegation of mongooses
A dole of doves
A dopping of goosanders
A family of sardines
A flight of cormorants
A fling of dugongs
A game of swans
A gang of elks
A gang of turkeys
A hood of snails
A host of sparrows
A huddle of walruses
A kindle of kittens
A mess of iguanas
A mews of hawks
A murder of crows
A mustering of storks
A nest of snakes
A pack of dogs
A parade of elephants
A parliament of owls
A pod of pelicans
A pride of lions
A pride of ostriches
A rhumba of rattlesnakes
A risk of lobsters
A school of fish
A shiver of sharks
A stand of flamingos
A stud of horses
A suit of mallards
A tower of giraffes
A tribe of goats
A waddling of ducks
An ambush of tigers
An army of caterpillars
An army of frogs
An array of hedgehogs
An embarrassment of pandas
An ostentation of peacocks

A Bunch of?
A bunch of seals
A bunch of pigeons

A Colony of?
A colony of gulls
A colony of penguins
A colony of vultures

A Flock of?
A flock of birds
A flock of bustards
A flock of camels
A flock of chickens
A flock of ducks
A flock of geese
A flock of goats
A flock of parrots
A flock of pigeons
A flock of seagulls
A flock of sheep
A flock of swifts
A flock of tourists
A flock of turkeys

A Herd of?
A herd of antelope
A herd of boar
A herd of buffaloes
A herd of caribou
A herd of cattle
A herd of chamois
A herd of chinchillas
A herd of cows
A herd of cranes
A herd of deer
A herd of donkeys
A herd of elephants
A herd of elk
A herd of fairies
A herd of giraffes
A herd of gnus
A herd of goats
A herd of horses
A herd of llamas
A herd of moose
A herd of oxen
A herd of pigs
A herd of ponies
A herd of rabbits
A herd of sea horses
A herd of seals
A herd of swans
A herd of swine
A herd of walruses
A herd of whales
A herd of wolves
A herd of wrens
A herd of yaks
A herd of zebras

A Mob of?
A mob of emus
A mob of kangaroos
A mob of meerkats
A mob of sheep

A Pack of?
A pack of coyotes
A pack of dogs
A pack of grouse
A pack of gulls
A pack of hounds
A pack of mongooses
A pack of mules
A pack of polar bears
A pack of rats
A pack of sharks
A pack of stoats
A pack of weasels
A pack of wolves

A Shoal of?
A shoal of bass
A shoal of fish
A shoal of herrings
A shoal of pilchards
A shoal of salmons

A Swarm of?
A swarm of ants
A swarm of bees
A swarm of butterflies
A swarm of eels
A swarm of flies
A swarm of gnats
A swarm of insects
A swarm of rats

A Troupe of?
A troupe of monkeys
A troupe of shrimps

Collective Nouns For People
A circle of friends
A class of pupils
A conjunction of grammarians
A coven of witches
A horde of savages
A host of angels
A house of senators
A joint of osteopaths
A lie/An equivocation of politicians
A line of kings/rulers
A melody of harpists
A mess/An execution of officers
A meter of percussionists
A mob of rioters
A morbidity of majors
A mug/A reflection of narcissists
A multiply/An unhappiness of husbands
A mutter of mothers-in-law
A nest of rumours
A wisdom of grandparents
A number/A set of mathematicians
A pack of Brownies
A pack of thieves
A pan of reviewers
A panel of experts
A party of friends
A patrol of policemen
A peck of Frenchmen
A picket of strikers
A pint of Irishmen
A pity/A gang of prisoners
A plush/A rascal of boys
A pomposity of professors
A posse of police
A posse of sheriffs
A pound of Englishmen
A promise of barmen
A prudence of vicars
A quiz of teachers
A rage of maidens
A rash of dermatologists
A regiment of soldiers
A rookery/A school of clerks
A rout of schoolboys
A sample of salesmen
A school of clerks
A scolding of seamstresses
A scoop/A slant of journalists
A sentence of judges
A series of radiologists
A set/A subtlety of designers
A set/A swish of hairdressers
A shower of bastards
A shower of meteorologists
A shrivel of critics
A shuffle of bureaucrats
A side of dancers
A simplicity of subalterns
A poverty of pipers
A slate of candidates
A slither of gossip columnists
A slouch of models
A sneer of butlers
A sprig of vegetarians
A squad of beaters
A squad of soldiers
A squat of daubers
A squeal of nieces
A staff of employees
A staff of servants
A staff of teachers
A stalk of foresters
A subtlety of sergeants at law
A superfluity of nuns
A tabernacle of bakers
A talent of gamblers
A tantrum of decorators
A team of athletes
A team of players
A thought of barons
A tribe of Indians
A tribe of natives
A trip of hippies
A troop of boy scouts
A troupe of acrobats
A troupe of artistes
A troupe of dancers
A troupe of performers
A unit of soldiers
A wandering of tinkers
A wheeze of joggers
A worship of writers
An absence/An order of waiters
An alley/A pratfall of clowns
A brace/A wince of dentists
An amalgamation of metallurgists
An amble of walkers
An ambush of widows
An army of soldiers
A roll of drummers
An attitude/A grunt of teenagers
An audience of listeners
An eloquence of lawyers
An embarrassment /A persistence of parents
An entrance of actresses
An expectation of heirs
An expectation of midwives
An obscurity/A rhyme of poets
An illusion of magicians
An impatience of wives
An imposition of in-laws
An obeisance of servants
An observance of hermits
An obstruction of dons

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