Book of Kah: An Upcoming Kenyan Sci-Fi Feature Film

Book of Kah poster

The Book of Kah is an upcoming Kenyan Sci-Fi feature film created and directed by Josephat O. Nyakundi(Black Seed) and produced and filmed by Albert O. Nyakundi. The film will also be produced under 3D Afrika Media.

The film will be the first of its kind in the history of Kenya’s cinema, and it will involve the use modern technology, equipment and cinematography to explore Afro-futuristic themes.

Deal of the day

For the past few decades producing an original African Sci-Fi film without the help of foreign creatives has been quite hard. However, in the recent years the game has been changing, especially after the release of Lady Moran, a Sci-Fi film by 3D Afrika Media.

Despite the obvious challenge which is lack of film financing, the film industry in Kenya is promising much potential success than before.

Technology and Equipment used in the Book of Kah

The film will implement the use of high-end cinematic equipment and technology that has never been used before in the Kenyan film industry.

The entire production will use the Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4K camera. The film will also feature locally crafted and unique cranes for aerial and wide angle shots, the cranes are designed by Pro Tisa Creations.

Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4K Camera for Book of Kah
Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4K Camera to be used in Book of Kah

Film geeks are expected to be awestruck by futuristic props, costumes and 3D animations.

Futuristic Gun from Book of Kah
A futuristic prop designed by Josephat Nyakundi

The Cast and Crew of Book of Kah

While in its earliest stages of production the producers have highlighted some of the main cast which includes artists Alfred Munyua, Yvonne Brenda Akinyi, Kieran Ratanya Popo and musician Sharama.

Director and cinematographer Albert Nyakundi and concept designer Josephat Nyakundi will be involved in all phases of the film’s production.

Expected languages to be used in Book of Kah

As a Kenyan film and developed by Kenyan minds, the film will feature multiple languages within the story which will include Tholuo, Sheng (Kenyan slang), Kisii and Somali. This will reflect the rich diversity and multicultural heritage of Kenyan entertainment.

When will Book of Kah be released?

So far, the release date has not been confirmed yet and this is due to Covid-19 restrictions, however, the good news is that, the producers are working on it.

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