Former MP Ngujiri Wambugu alleges plan to oust DP Rigathi Gachagua from Ruto’s Gov’t

Rigathi Gachagua

Former MP Ngujiri Wambugu alleges plan to oust DP Rigathi Gachagua from Ruto’s Gov’t

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The former Nyeri MP has alleged that there is a well-planned scheme to make Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua an irrelevant party in President Ruto’s administration.

The former aide of former President Uhuru Kenyatta has pointed out particular scenarios where the DP is falling for this trap in a bid to make him irrelevant.

Since his recent remarks on urging people to return to shamba system the media has continuously kept up with the DP’s controversial ideas portraying him as politically immature and a laughingstock.

“Let’s be honest, the man from my home county is neither the worst-dressed politician around, nor is he a political buffoon. But we have cartoons and memes of him as such.”

“He also says a lot of sensible stuff in between his earthy humour and jokes. But somehow, the media tends to only carry those stories that make as laugh at him,” stated the lawmaker.

Mr. Wambugu was in awe as to why most government officials were using the media to respond to the DP concerning the status quo.

“Gradually we will get to a point where his public image will be of a political joker who’s out of his depth as DP.

In a couple of months no one will take him or what he says seriously. Ultimately, this will completely undermine his office and his role as DP. To what end, especially considering in this government the two leaders are working well together?” asked startled Mr. Wambugu.

His current boss, President Ruto is known to be an omniscient political chess grandmaster, who would array his plans in secret before making a move.

Since he came to national politics spotlight, the DP has been a subject of criticism due to his unobjective remarks towards particular sectors in the national governments.

His recent remarks about the shamba system which he later defended as misquotation by the media reiterating that it is an afforestation project, where trees will be planted and later left to preserve the forest ecosystem has sparked mixed criticism about his ability.

“While in Baringo, I spoke about Government’s intention to start an afforestation program. I urge the media to report objectively. I meant that the government will engage farmers to plant trees as they grow crops and then vacate once the trees have matured,” he stated then.



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