Kenya Film Classification Board To Roll Out ‘Sinema Mashinani’ Project

Sinema Mashinani

Kenya Film Classification Board To Roll Out ‘Sinema Mashinani’ Project

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‘Sinema Mashinani’ is a new cinematic initiative created by the Kenya Film and Classification Board (KFCB) aimed at boosting the local film industry in Kenya.

The initiative was born out of a bilateral partnership between the Kenyan and Spanish governments, and is estimated to cost KShs 20 billion.

The plans for the initiative commenced last year but due to logistical issues that stalled it from going ahead, the initiative is yet again expected to start by the end of this year, according to Mr Edward Koech, Nyanza Regional Manager KFCB.

Sinema Mashinani will help to promote young and aspiring talents across the country in various parts of entertainment, including production of films, documentaries and music in a bid to promote tourism, culture and also employment opportunities.

While unemployment has become a big challenge in Kenya, the project is aimed at creating job opportunities and wealth among youths who are majorly affected” stated Mr Koech.

How are aspiring talents going to benefit through this initiative?

In order to get the full benefits of the initiative, Mr Koech has encouraged the youths to form registered groups so as to enable them to get the required funding.

We prefer that once the plan works, talent promoters will be in registered groups to get funding,” stated Mr Koech.

For the Kenya Film and Classification Board to secure their target, the organisation will carry out sensitisation through community forums media platforms such as radio and television to pass on information.

The organisation has also set up plans to have Mobile Cinema Units that will be used to exhibit the films in vernacular languages for the purpose of sensitisation or educating them concerning the current affairs.

Mr Koech also urged the County Governments to come on board and support the initiative by identifying talented individuals as well as financing the artists so that they can allocate equipment to help nurture talent and create employment opportunities.

If the initiative is to be fully supported by the national and county governments, the local film industry is sure to flourish.

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