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Have you ever thought of turning your Facebook profile into a more social hub than just a “regular” account? Trust me everyone on social media wants to look stunning and that’s why Facebook gave birth to Instagram for stunners, however, on Facebook you can have more than that. Well we all know that Facebook is becoming more popular than any household name and right now we have decided to put together a handful of useful information that might help you monetise your time on the social media site or maybe get yourself a more attractive and professional social media profile.

Personalising Your Profile

Who doesn’t know the key to attraction on social media is your profile, generally this is your first impression towards your viewers. And so the greatest way to attract and impress your viewers is by taking your time to personalise your profile to build your engagement rate. Things like who you are, what you do, and so on and so forth, remember this should be very brief, clear and straight to the point. Adding a few basic information is worth it, like your contact information, a website if you have one, address and a little bio, if you are a businesses brand then feel free to include your working hours. And having a thirty second video footage is also a great way to enhance engagement. And if you’d like to go more pro you can apply for a Facebook Blue Badge.

Make Sure to Activate HD For Your Facebook Uploads

You want a professional profile then here is your take. It is said a picture is worth more than a thousand words and I say make sure every pixel plays its role here. The good news about having HD photos on social media is that they attract more visitors to your profile which in turn boost your engagement rate. If you are doing business on Facebook then I highly recommend you Activate HD uploading since high quality photos have got greater influence on your audience. To Activate HD uploads on your Facebook account, you have to access Settings and Privacy, and then tap Settings. Scroll down to Media and Contacts, then tap Videos and Photos, and tap Upload HD.

Grow Your Audience

After creating that fine professional profile of yours another milestone ahead of you is growing your audience. The fastest and easiest means of growing your audience is by telling a friend to tell a friend. How does this work, all you have to do is to get the word out to your closest allies, I mean your closest friends and family and ask them to invite their friends who would later invite their friends, if they are supportive your audience will surely grow. You can also take your time to customise a message inviting Facebook friends to like your page and the importance of following you or your brand. If you have a great website add the Like and Share button to your website and get more likes on your page. Another way of growing your audience is by using the Non-Social Media style, this is done by pasting your social media links on your businesses cards, merchandise or any promotional material. Other alternative to grow your audience is by inviting those who already like your posts to Follow you.

Be Nice And Friendly

You know the rules of social media, if you don’t then here it is. Be nice and friendly. Have you ever contacted someone and then the first word they ever respond is crude. How does that feel, totally humiliating I believe. So here is the tip the more friendly you are to your audience the more they would always stay motivated with you and they would likely last long. Facebook now has the Top Fan badge which you can use to your own advantage like mentioning some of your active fans on posts they would probably share with their audience, this technique can help you build a wider engagement circle.

Schedule Your Time For Content Publishing

You will agree with me that most professionals, brands or businesses have a certain publishing schedule this is to avoid content conflict when it comes to audience on social media. For instance, Business A posts at 1300, Business B posts at 1300, Business C posts at 1330 and you post at 1300, there is a greater possibility that Business C will get a wider audience than the rest since there is only one post during that given time. What I am trying to explain here is to come up with a unique publishing schedule that is far away from your competitors’, this helps you to avoid throwing your unique content in a pool of your competitors’ posts where you risk your content not being seen.

Pin Your Important Posts On Top of Your Facebook Page’s Timeline

Sometimes we do have an important article or an upcoming event or maybe a special offer that you want it to remain visible on your timeline for a couple of days, weeks maybe, well Facebook has that interesting feature for you, most often when we talk about pinning a post people always think about Pinterest but actually Facebook does have a pinning feature which helps you in highlighting your most important post so that when your audience clicks through your page they don’t have to hustle for that important stuff. So here is a simple way of doing it, go to the post on your page’s timeline and click in the top right of the post and select “Pin to Top of Page” and that’s it.

Explore Your Hidden Inbox

I remember a time when I would always log on into my Facebook account and I would stumble across these Facebook messages that were at times year old or months old messages and I was wondering how on earth I couldn’t even see these messages but I later discovered that the phone I used regularly couldn’t display those “Hidden” messages, I figured out this does happen when someone who is not your friend on Facebook sends you a message and I think this is an automatic way of blocking spammy messages from strangers. In some cases this is a great feature since you never get any notification about such messages but on the other side it has a very negative effect, what if you’re getting a genuine message from a genuine person who needs your response, how would you know? Some people out there don’t even know the existence of this “Hidden Inbox”, it took me ages to explore it. You might be asking yourself how can I access it? Well that’s not a very big deal, just login to your Facebook account, head right to your Messages and click on “Message Requests”. And don’t forget to frequent it.

Utilise Facebook’s Live Feature

Facebook Live has the most audience reach than any social media post, users do watch Facebook Live 3x more compared to other recorded content since it involves real-time broadcasting. Statistics show that over 80% users have been convinced to purchase a product or service by watching a brand’s video, this is proof enough that Facebook Live is the best professional feature any user on Facebook can benefit from. Another genuine reason to go live is that real-time videos get 10x more comments than regular videos which boosts audience engagement over and over again. And the good news is that Facebook actively prioritizes live video by placing it at the top of user’s News Feed, as well as sending notifications to potentially interested audience members. With the Live feature users can also broadcast special events, tutorials or going behind the scenes. So next time make sure to try it.

Personalise the Call To Action (CTA) Button

After establishing a great Facebook Page personalising a CTA button is another big step to establishing yourself or your brand on the social media platform since it is meant to draw visitors’ attention and motivating your audience to becoming clients, in other words the CTA can act like your personal Customer Care service or Receptionist that will take your audience to what you have prepared for them. There are a variety of CTA buttons on Facebook where you can choose depending on your preferences, for subscription you can go for “Sign Up”, for shopping you can go for “Shop Now”, for communication you can go for “Send Message” or “Contact Us”, for booking you can go for “Book Now”, for apps you can go for “Use App” for videos you can go for “Watch Video” and for gaming you can go for “Play Game”.

To add the CTA button on Facebook you simply have to click “Create Call-to-Action” button then choose your desired CTA button eg. “Book Now”, then input the link you want the CTA button to send users to and click “Next” and then select the destination for mobile users and click “Create”. And you are done.


The world is evolving and is becoming a greater market place, people can work right on Facebook’s site by promoting their businesses and brands, why not take the next big step and explore your endeavour online with over 2 billion monthly active users on Facebook. I’m sure with hardwork and proper tools you’ll get your portion of that greater audience.


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