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Did you know that by breaking Facebook’s rules can result to sending you to a “Virtual Jail” for days, weeks and months, or even a lifetime. Yeah, you read that right, there is a real “virtual Facebook Jail” for cons (spammers) who break the network’s rules.
In a world of social media networking, Facebook has risen to prove that anyone can raise a voice and be heard by a great number of people, it has helped promote brands and businesses reach the right audience. However, the case, the network can become tricky and challenging in promoting our various products or agendas, especially for people who blindly accept terms and conditions without even reading them.
Today, a very popular urban term has been hitting, let’s say netizens, and the term is Facebook Jail. So, what is it really?
“Facebook Jail is a virtual jail where users are blocked and sent to, for breaking Facebook’s rules and are denied access to the site, particularly if a user is found spammy by Facebook.”
Generally, this could take a few hours, days, weeks, months or complete closure of the account in question. So below we’ve listed out a number of tips on how to avoid this horrible virtual jail, at least, if you’re not a robot.

1. Create Genuine and Original Content
Believe me or not Facebook is constantly scrutinising every post by users, reason, because there are many misleading information and propagandas out there. If anything suspicious is found on your content it might result to the closure of your account.
This wise advice comes from several Community Managers who constantly work with Facebook, and who have extensive experience in preventing getting blocked. So it is of the utmost importance that you create your own content.

2. Take Some Time In Between Posts
This is the most common mistake we make on Facebook and I have been a victim of it, thankfully, I will never fall into this trap, ever. We sometimes end up posting identical content in multiple groups almost the exact same time. And I figured out that Facebook is very keen on this behaviour since it is viewed as spam. So the best advice is to take some time, like a couple of minutes in between posts to avoid appearing like a spammer, this will help you avoid Facebook jail time in the future.

3. Understand The Rules Of The Network
Just like any other social network you join, there are always rules to ensure safety for its users, Facebook is one of those social network to achieve that. Basically there are a few common rules that can save us from getting into trouble on the network:
Don’t use the name of a business for a personal account. For all its worth, you can create your personal account and from there you can create multiple pages for your businesses. And also make sure you use your real name for your personal account and your business name for your business page. Never make the mistake of turning your personal account into everything about business. And you should always read the Terms and Conditions at least once in a while.

4. Avoid Using Google Images
Make sure you get your images from a good source and not from Google images. This is because some of the images on Google might have been previously marked and reported as spam on Facebook, and when you share them on Facebook you may automatically obtain all the complaints rendered on those images and this can result to your account being marked as spam. And that brings us to getting genuine and original content.

5. Avoid Unnecessary Tagging
Personally, I hate being tagged in posts that aren’t even relevant to me, that’s why before any tagged post appears on my timeline I would first have to review it and determine its relevance.
I highly recommend you don’t tag people with images that they are not in, when Facebook detects this kind of behaviour you will surely be branded as a spammer and face various consequences. It is common sense to realise that no one wants to be tagged in posts they aren’t even relevant to them.

6. Only Send Friend Requests To People Who Know You
Knowing who you add and making sure whoever you add knows who you are is of the utmost significance on the network since it reduces the risk of being considered a spammer.
You should never send friend requests to a bunch people that you have no connection to. Because if your friend request is rejected, Facebook asks users if they know you, and if most of those users say “no”, then you’ll likely be marked as a spammer.
Making friends on Facebook is a great way to enhance your social media presence, but without a proper strategy you might end up being considered a spammer. So here is a take, you want to add someone you don’t know but you’d like to, for the sake of “friendship” on Facebook and you have no negative intentions, well you can only do that, one or two friend requests once in a while.

7. Never Add Anyone Into A Group Without Their Permission
One of the most common mistake is adding people into groups without their permission. If you want to add someone into a group just ask them in person. If they are interested they would join rather than adding them directly. In multiple occasions I mysteriously found myself in the middle of a group conversation that I knew nothing about, this is bad, I repeat this very very bad, and it can result into more severe consequences.

8. Provide Genuine Information On Your Profile
This is one of the most genuine hack to stay away from appearing as a spammer. A genuine profile information helps users know exactly who you are and what you do, and the good news is that people will interact with you according to the information you provide and at least they wouldn’t have to worry that you’re a spammer. Since it will make people feel comfortable following what you do on the network.

9. Avoid Behaving Like A Robot
There are a variety actions on Facebook that could get you marked as a SPAM-bot, a term that refers to automated programs, created to mimic human behaviour on social networks. What happens is that, you will be blocked from liking, commenting or sharing anything on the network because of that “excessive robot-like behaviour”. So, when liking, commenting or sharing any post on Facebook try to do it at a normal pace. Don’t try to be Usain Bolt there cause the “Facebook Sheriff” is always watching.

By following these pointed out tips it will be a lot harder to be detected as a spammer. At some point you might find yourself being restricted for mistakes you haven’t actually done, sometimes its just Facebook malfunction and since there is no “Virtual Lawyer” for you, you should try to keep your social profile as clean as possible. From time to time Facebook reviews its rules and regulations and fine tunes the site to ensure that no errors occur. So chill out and enjoy your presence on Facebook.


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