Chinese criminal leaves country before clearing Kenyan debt

Chinese criminal leaves country before clearing Kenyan debt

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A Chinese man convicted in Kenya has left the country without clearing a KShs 3 million debt he owes to his Kenyan employee.

In early 2020, the Chinese man, Deng Hailan was caught on camera caning his Kenyan employee, Simon Siro Oseko, the video footage sparked outrage across the country triggering a DCI raid on the premises which led to the arrest of four Chinese nationals who were operating a restaurant business illegally.

After filing a law suit in Court, Mr. Oseko was awarded KShs 3.07 million as damages after the Chinese man was found guilty of assault and causing bodily harm.

The Chinese man was ordered by the Employment and Labor Relations Court to pay Mr. Osero the KShs 3.07 million in damages for violation of his rights.

The latest move of the government to let the Chinese criminal leave the country has sparked anger over many Kenyans and have mounted their displeasure against the government before the case was fully settled.

Chinese chef assaults Kenyan man

Chinese chef assaults Kenyan man

According to Mr. Oseko’s lawyer, Mr. Steven Mogaka, they had sent inquiries to the Chinese Embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs but there was no response.

“The court issued the orders and even compensated my client but things are not going well. We don’t have the Chinese national hence no one is available to be handed the orders,” stated Steven Mogaka.

In Mr. Oseko’s suit, the Chinese national, Deng Hailan, had been torturing and sexually harassing him

“All I want is justice, nothing else. I do not have any ulterior motive whatsoever,” stated Mr. Oseko.

Even after the release of a video footage showing the Chinese chef ill-treating the Kenyan man, both the Chinese and Kenyan governments have shown reluctance in solving the case.

“The Embassy noticed a video clip about a Chinese chef and Kenyan colleague. We support the Kenyan police to investigate the whole issue thoroughly according to Kenyan laws. Whoever violated the law will face legal consequences,” read part of a statement from the Chinese Embassy.

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