Ruto slams Kenyatta after lowering flour price

William Ruto in Rally

Ruto slams Kenyatta after lowering flour price

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Nairobi, UDA’s presidential candidate William Ruto has slammed President Kenyatta after lowering maize flour price.

President Uhuru Kenyatta had recently blamed the Russia-Ukraine war as one of the main external factors contributing to the high cost of living in the country. This became the major hitting point for Ruto against President Kenyatta during his presidential campaign at Gikomba area.

“Ati bei ya unga imeenda juu kwa sababu ya vita kule Ukraine? Si vita inaendelea bado Ukraine? Si leo wamesema watateremsha bei ya unga? Kumaanisha ile walikuwa wanatuambia eti mambo ya Ukraine ilikuwa tu ni kutuhadaa,” he said.


“And the price of flour has gone up because of the war in Ukraine? Isn’t the war still going on in Ukraine? Didn’t they say today they will lower the price of flour? Meaning that what they were telling us about Ukraine affairs was just to deceive us,”

According to an internal communication document signed by Agriculture PS Francis Owino early this week stated that the Ministry of Agriculture shall lower the price of maize flour for a four week period.

The latest move has prompted flour to be retailed at KSh.100, a significant drop by KSh.130.

“The recommended retail price of flour is should not exceed Sh100 for a 2kg packet, Sh250 for a 5kg packet and Sh490 for a 10kg packet,” stated the document.

According to UDA’s front runner William Ruto, the state run by President Kenyatta had lowered the prices as a move to manipulate voters in favor of his cronies including Azimio’s front runner Raila Odinga in the upcoming general elections.

“We will take the unga but we are going to vote with a plan to make sure that every Kenyan has food,” reiterated Ruto. “Kenyans have already decided… whether you lower the prices or not you will go home on August 9.”


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