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Rapper Collo shares his life experience on how he ended up begging on an interview done on 1st May.  Collo does not understand how he ended up in a miserable life. He felt lost and was deeply immersed in alcoholism before his fortune changed drastically to worst.

Collins Majale, commonly known as Rapper Collo, an ex-copywriter, earned a monthly payment of Ksh 250,000 plus other extra cash of Ksh 700,000 that he got by pitching jingles to multiple clients. That summed to a total of Ksh 950,000.

Collo believed that he was invincible and nothing evil could happen to him because of his fame, popularity and influence. He lived a life full of lust, covetousness and deceitful riches before he gave his life to Christ.

He was fond of girls, sex, alcohol, drugs and money. He revealed his addiction state to masturbation during a candid radio interview on Radio Maisha. Collo said masturbation is a serious problem but luckily for him he was able to overcome it.

“Masturbation. Unajua masturbation ni alter ingine crazy juu mazee wasee wengine wanalostia huko joh. And of course hakuna vile unaweza masturbate without being addicted to porn, na unajua porn inakumess up men, juu unawacha kuangalia madem unaanza kuwaangalia kama objects,” he said.

Collo lost his job during an argument with his boss. It all began when he lost the company laptop during a work trip out of the country. In the argument he tried to defend himself with a fake target on a client.

His ego and pride didn’t allow him to apologize. He agreed to part ways with his employer because of his pride.

“There were people who were giving the client a raw deal at the time. I said something I shouldn’t have said or rather I said it innocently and it offended one of the bosses,” he says.

As Collo parted ways with his boss, he was in debts. He got the loan to purchase a land but misused some of the fund by spending the money on alcohol and girls. He was unable to pay the debt because of unemployment. He lost all his property including cars and even title deeds.

He led a miserable life as he was not in a position to cater for the household bills. He moved to a smaller house but still he couldn’t manage the bills. His daughter, Tawala, was locked out of school as he was not able to pay her school fees.

According to Parents Magazine, Collo’s wife, Phoebe said, “before that, we had never had a problem with money. We had everything in extra including the money! In a flash it was gone and we found ourselves in debts.”

Collo became frustrated and in 2015, he decided to give ‘God thing’ a shot. His miserable life humbled him and decided to dedicate his life to Jesus Christ. He even posted bible verse on his social media handle.

He realised music was his ministry. He converted from a secular musician to a gospel musician and released his first song ‘pasuka’. Proud of his Christian life he sang, ‘ilibidi niokoke ndo niwashe jiko’. To mean the power and sweetness of a praying wife.

“Wanauliza kwani Collo ulienda wapi? Wengi hawajui nilishabanduka” to mean, they are asking Collo where did you go? Many don’t know I’ve crossed over, a statement in his song that hit airwaves is used to refer to his absence both physically and careerwise. This shows how he went silent after he became broke.


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