Google launches TaskMate in Kenya

Google launches Task Mate in Kenya

Google launches TaskMate in Kenya

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US tech giant, Google, recently launched TaskMate app in Kenya. TaskMate is a crowdsourcing app that lets users perform tasks and earn money after accomplishing simple tasks such as filling out surveys and taking photos.

The US firm has been conducting experiments with the app in Kenya since last year before releasing the beta version. The company is now in preparation to rollout the app across the African continent.

TaskMate provides access to a variety of simple tasks posted on the platform by business owners. Users conduct simple tasks like taking photos of nearby restaurants and answer survey questions.

Among the many apps in the Google apps family, TaskMate is the first app of its kind to be launched in Africa.

“Today we have launched TaskMate, and it’s the first time we have opened it in Africa and across the world,” stated Mike Knapp, TaskMate product manager.

Experimenting the app started in Kenya in 2020. During the pilot trials users were able to perform a variety of tasks, such as taking photos of plants for a US research project by Penn State University.

“We went to a pilot phase where we had 1,000 people use the app, and they gave very positive feedback. And so now we’ve moved to the beta phase. And we’re really experimenting at a bigger level at this point,” stated Mike Knapp.

In the next phase the company has called upon businesses and startups to experiment with the platform.

“And we’re looking for businesses and startups to come and experiment with us on the platform, to see how this can help them solve the difficult problems that they’re working on,” stated Mike Knapp.

All the businesses and organisations on the platform will be having the options to either make their tasks available to a certain group of users or they may opt to invite specific people to accomplish the tasks.

After accumulating money users from Kenya will be able to withdraw their earnings through Safaricom’s M-Pesa.

The platform will help boost Africa’s growing digital economy, empower youths and build Africa in general according to Google’s plan for Africa.

“This is a crowdsourcing platform that simplifies the distribution and accomplishments of tasks from business, for businesses and organizations. It is also an app that provides opportunities to Kenyans, whether it’s community building or earning extra income. This is Google’s commitment to build for and with Africa, in its digital transformation journey,” stated Mike Knapp.


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