United African Republic could be Nigeria’s new name

United African Republic

United African Republic could be Nigeria’s new name

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Many African countries are now racing towards constitutional amendments in a bid to unify the people and connect them to their ancient heritage whilst cutting down the colonial foundations.

One particular instance was when a Nigerian lawmaker suggested Nigeria’s name to be changed to United African Republic.

Its citizens formerly called Nigerians now want to be called Uranium.

Almost three weeks now, the government lawmakers have been going through the country collating citizens’ views to amend the constitution, in terms of electoral reforms and the system of governance.

During a summit in Lagos, Nigeria, Adeleye Jokotoye, a tax consultant proposed the country’s name to be changed since it was forced on them by their colonial masters during the colonial era.

The current name Nigeria was in fact proposed in the late 19th Century by British journalist Flora Shaw, who would later marry the British colonial administrator Lord Frederick Lugard.

Nigeria was first invaded by the British in 1851 and in 1901 the country became a British protectorate until 1960, when an independence movement succeeded.

The name itself was derived from the River Niger, the country’s dominating physical feature, which enters the country from the northwest flowing down to the Niger Delta where it empties into the Atlantic Ocean through its many tributaries.

The proposed name changing to United African Republic is aimed at reflecting the diverse ethnic groups found in the country.

Although many Nigerian lawmakers would not agree with his proposition, Mr Jokotoye still had other alternatives up his sleeves, which he suggested the country to be named the United Alkebulan Republic (which means United Mother of Mankind Republic).

Some other key elements in his proposal included amendments to the structure of governance and taxation control.

In the meantime lawmakers are working on the propositions as Nigerians are eager to find out the fate of their country’s name.

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