You are what you eat

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Just the other day after a long morning tarmacking looking for a job in town, I decided to chip in a restaurant, grab lunch and head back to the tarmac.

To my surprise, I found a little kid, around 3 or 4 years old, seated with both her parents being fed with some really deliciously crispy macaroni pizza and some cold soda on the side.

I could only imagine the scrumptious taste of it and actually almost salivated. But again, I remembered that I had made a vow to myself to stop taking highly processed foods unless I am really craving for lifestyle diseases.

“Could this child be craving pizza at this age really? Or is it a treat from the parents? Do they know the danger they are putting this child’s future in? Do they really understand that charity begins at home, and that once a habit is cultivated, there is no going back?”

In my head, I had all these series of questions but I didn’t want to look like a mood buster, so I decided to make my order of freshly blended juice and some pilau, then left for work after finishing my meal.

This incidence really opened my eyes and I’ve been noticing more and more unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits among; not only children, but also teenagers and adults. I think that most people ignore the fact that our habits tend to become our lifestyle and character in the long run.

In the current situation, I could already tell what the end game will be-Diabetes type 2, hypertension and much more lifestyle illnesses.

This is quite predictable and also very avoidable, only if we decide to take our health seriously.
To live a healthy life, we must get used to doing things differently than the norm.

This could sound boring at first, but once one begins and tastes the difference health-wise, it is so easy to stick to it as a routine.

The top ten habits for a healthy lifestyle are as follows;

  • GO ORGANIC – Organic foods are the cleanest kind of food. They are grown without pesticides, insecticides, chemical fertilizers, hormones or steroids. This helps us evade issues brought up by toxins in our systems.
  • EAT REAL FOOD – Real food means food growing straight from the ground. With our current technology, if one isn’t careful enough, they could easily eat laboratory-made food stuff.
  • PRIORITIZE PLANTS – Plants, including vegetables, are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber. At the same time, it is less likely to contain sugar, toxins or any harmful component.
  • FOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS – There is a lot of diets to choose within. From vegan to vegetarian, to octo-vegetarian etc. it is advised that we choose one that suits us and run away with it.
  • EAT NAKED – This simply means that we should mostly eat foods that don’t come in packages, eg. Fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, meat or fish that is gotten from butcher counter.
  • EAT WHAT YOU CAN PRONOUNCE – This goes directly to the point, which is, eat locally available foods.
  • COOK AT HOME – Home-made food is likely to be low in sugar, fat, or processed stuff compared to eating at restaurants.
  • CHOOSE JUST ONE- foods containing one ingredient like milk, broccoli, chicken and so on, is much better than foods with too many ingredients.
  • ENJOY EVERY BITE – If a food doesn’t taste good to you, don’t eat it. Especially at eat outs.
  • EXERCISE FREQUENTLY – In order to be healthy and fit, one has to do a combined therapy of diet and frequent exercises.

Once majority of us, or better, everyone, follows the above habits, I believe we shall all be on the right track towards escaping the burden of over nutrition and lifestyle diseases. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT, don’t forget that. In case you have any questions, ask me in the comment section. Let’s interact!


  • I'm an enthusiastic Clinical Nutritionist who has passion for adventure and sharing knowledge. For me, curiosity doesn't kill a cat, it gives the cat more experience instead.

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Betty Jelimo

I'm an enthusiastic Clinical Nutritionist who has passion for adventure and sharing knowledge. For me, curiosity doesn't kill a cat, it gives the cat more experience instead.

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4 months ago

Keep up the good work!

4 months ago
Reply to  Chepoten

Okay dear. Thank you

4 months ago

Thanks for sharing an insightful article on good health habits.
Looking forward to reading more about nutrition and health.

4 months ago

Nice read… Eat only what you can pronounce

4 months ago
Reply to  Buluku


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