KDF soldiers shoot down two people over land dispute

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In Uasin Gishu County, two family mourn the loss of their loved ones In the hands of KDF soldiers.

Joel Kibe and Eliud Menjo were shot down by KDF soldiers in a land dispute between the government officers and the residents. Latests developments indicate that the soldiers had gone to rescue their fellow soldier who had been held at Chebarus Primary School.

According to reports, the soldier was from the Kenya Ordinance Factory was accompanied by Police Sergeant Mark Rono conducting survey on the disputed land, having been occupied by the public since 23rd of December this year.

The survey which commenced in Kebeswet to Chebarus where the officials met with resistance from the locals. Reports state that the officials tried to calm down the locals, urging them not to interfere with the ongoing activity.

“The Commanding Officer, Kenya Ordinance Factory went on to the scene and tried to talk to the residents but they were not ready to listen to him,” stated the report.

During the commotion the locals took and locked down the officers in a nearby school, Chebarus Primary School, where the main beacon had been placed.

The Menjo’s family stated that the 37-year old Eliud Menjo was not part of the mob involved in locking the soldiers.

“We call upon the government to look into this matter. The deceased was our breadwinner, how will we survive now that he is dead? He had a young family,” cried Menjo’s sister.

Joel Kibe’s wife, Dorcas Chelating, stated that the 53-year old was the only only breadwinner of their family, and that she will be having a very difficult time raising their ten children, all alone.

“We call upon the government to come to our rescue. How will I survive with all these children?” stated Dorcas Chelating.

Government officials from Turbo Sub-County state that they are currently investigating the case and urge the locals to calm down.


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