The good old Christmas days

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I know you are not used to this kind of content from me, but what I am sure of is that, the old days are definitely not comparable to these recent days.

I mean, apart from the general change in economic stability and technological improvements, there is one very special day that meant a lot to every 90’s child’s Christmas.

Once Christmas would start approaching, we would start to hear rumors from our friends about their newly bought clothes for the occasion. Others would get theirs as early as a month before the big day.

For me, my parents hawapangwingwi and majority of the times, just a few days to or on the eve of Christmas, my sibling and I would be taken to the nearest market to fit shoes while our mum could find clothes for us.

I came to learn that it was very advantageous to do the late shopping. This is because, by this time, you would have known what most of your friends will be having on and so you help your mum pick your Kenya Uniform. Of course we could not wait to get back home and tell our friends about our newly found treasure, the long white dress, hat and pumps.

The most awaited day is finally here and there is always a routine back home. For us kids, it would be, to take a warm bath, dress up and go to Sunday school, with expectations of getting candy or biscuits from our Sunday school teacher.

I haven’t been able to understand why most of the Christmas used to fall on Sundays. After that, we’d come home to the big deal now.

By big deal, I know a Luhya has already understood what I am trying to say. What I am trying to say is that a delicious home-made buffet of chicken stew, chapatis, fried potatoes with peas, vegetable salad, soda and many other fresh and locally available foods, would be the order of the day.

For me specifically, this used to be a very big deal, simply because some of the foods we’d eat on Christmas day, was a complete privilege. You could literally say that you’ve waited a whole year to eat a certain food, and that would be so true.

I figured out the secret ingredient to why the food would be so sweet, Love.

By now, it’s roughly around 2 pm or so. This is the time to go sit outside and wait to see the local camera man pass by. It was our duty as kids to signal him to come to our home as soon as we saw him.

Photo session.

We would take photos as a family. If we were lucky enough the guy could have walked around with his background of a carefully decorated background image of a Christmas tree or just a random festive background.

After this, we would go play and leave the adults catching up. For us, this was also a much awaited time of the day. Everyone would come show off their clothes, brag about what they had for lunch, and play around cautiously. This is due to the common factor declaring that we would use the same clothes for the next day, which is Boxing Day. The clothes would then be cleaned and used for 1st again. Only those lucky enough didn’t have to use the same clothes for the whole festive season. And that was never me.

When I try to look around now, Christmas doesn’t look the same anymore. I am not sure it’s the old age kicking in or irris what irris. The millennials are having theirs different, and that might be a story for another day. It would be so unjust of me if I didn’t appreciate all parents to 90’s babies. You really set the bar so high. We do acknowledge the far you’ve brought us all the way to the 22nd century. We could never ask for more.

We have permanently engraved memories of the good old days. May you be blessed and live long enough to enjoy Christmas at our homes with your grandchildren and their children’s children.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2022! May we all make our parents proud. Especially for all the 90’s babies, it is our time to make hay while the sun shines.


  • I'm an enthusiastic Clinical Nutritionist who has passion for adventure and sharing knowledge. For me, curiosity doesn't kill a cat, it gives the cat more experience instead.

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Betty Jelimo

I'm an enthusiastic Clinical Nutritionist who has passion for adventure and sharing knowledge. For me, curiosity doesn't kill a cat, it gives the cat more experience instead.

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4 months ago

Nice article 👍 You literally took me back to the good old days 😢😢

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